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Apache Bandwidth Mod

Award winning Bandwidth Mod is an Apache Module that facilitates the way you can distribute the bandwidth to your users, in order to avoid abuse or just control your upload (server-side) connection.

Full Disclosure : I gave myself the award*.

* Masters of the Galaxy Award

In this page you will find the latest downloads for the code and any precompiled binaries i can make available. Binaries will be compiled by me and tested for malware. If a binary was provided by a third party, it will be clearly stated as so.

The mod (as of v0.92) should compile in any platform supporting the Apache web server, and APR libraries.

If you are interested in the development of the mod, or have issues compiling for your platform, you can check the Github repo. Major milestones will still be added as new posts in this page.

Bandwidth Mod

Stable version : 0.92

Changelog for v0.92 :

  • Fixes the ap_get_server_banner issue.
  • Fixes mainly for Windows based servers. See Readme.
  • Fixed an “invisible” memory leak
  • Fixed a signed/unsigned issue affecting MinBandWidth

Mod Vhost Limit

Restrict the number of simultaneous connections per vhost. Final Revision.

Additional Details :

If ExtendedStatus is Off, the mod won’t work. Anyways, you’ll be warned.
I was based on mod_vhost_limit from Takato Satsuma who wrote it for Apache1.3.

If you run into problems, be sure to set ExtendedStatus to On before the
LoadModule sentence, and MaxVhostClients must be set after
the ServerName directive in each virtualhost. (or …. RTFM)

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